• THERAPEUTIC GRADE ESSENTIAL OILS - All of our luxury aromatherapy wax melts are handmade using 100% natural Soy Wax blended with pure therapeutic grade essential oils

  • 100% NATURAL - No artificial fragrances or paraffin waxes

  • REFRESHING SCENT - A rich, woody yet refreshing scent with overtones of citrus and delicately sweet hues, perfect for bringing comfort and uplifting tired or depleted spirits


  • Handmade in Devon, UK

  • The Clovelly Cedarwood & Lemongrass Wax Melts are the ideal therapeutic gift for those who enjoy natural, woody and citrusy fragrances.

    All Clovelly Wax Melts are handmade in Devon, South of England. This particular scent delivers a rich, woody aroma with plenty of citrus overtones and a hint of delicious sweetness. It has many therapeutic properties which come from the high grade Cedarwood and lemongrass essential oils. While it fills a room with incredible scent it also boosts a flagging mood and brings comfort because it is immensely refreshing. The scent lingers without being overpowering so you enjoy the subtle fragrance for hours after burning.

    Our melts are made with 100% pure soy wax and high quality ingredients so oozing indulgent luxury. Ideal as a gift idea, the Wax Melts come in a hand-tied white bag containing 6 pieces and each has up to 6 hours burn time. All the Clovelly Wax Melts are known for being all-natural products and have been specifically developed to bring plenty of positive wellbeing benefits too.

    We never use harmful ingredients, choosing to make our products with all-natural elements so we guarantee an indulgent, pleasurable burning experience.

    Bag contains six Cedarwood & Lemongrass Wax Melts.

    The Clovelly Soap Co.

    Based in the historical and picturesque little town of Clovelly, famous for it's quaint harbour, little cottages and community of craft workers, Clovelly Soap Company is a family run business making beautiful handcrafted soap, candles and body care products.

    We have a passion for creating unique, handcrafted products that make perfect gifts or personal treats for everyday living. Soap and candle recipes are inspired by the sea, countryside, wide open fields and hedgerows, we use all natural pure therapeutic grade essential oils, spices, herbs, clays and flowers, blended by hand to create our rich fragrances.

    Clovelly Soap Co Handmade Natural Scented Cedarwood & Lemongrass Aromatherapy Soy Wax Melts Box of 6 Tarts - 7V93VU6KV

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    Clovelly Soap Co Handmade Natural Scented Cedarwood & Lemongrass Aromatherapy Soy Wax Melts Box of 6 Tarts - 7V93VU6KV

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